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As tensions with North Korea mount, a U.S.-based bunker manufacturer is reporting a major surge in sales.

Underground shelter producer Rising S Co., which is based in Murchison, Texas, has apparently been inundated with requests for their doomsday fortifications.

Rising S general manager Gary Lynch said their sales are up 90 percent in just the past two weeks.

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Lynch said that they've seen a particularly large spike in sales in Japan, a country that’s long been within North Korea’s striking distance.

"There's a great threat from North Korea looming in Japan, and the people there are worried," Lynch explained.

He added, however, that sales have also increased in the U.S. following news that North Korea reportedly can reach the continental U.S. with an intercontinental ballistic missile.

"Sales on the West Coast have always been lower than those of the Midwest, the Southeast and the Northwest," Lynch said. "But now that North Korea has announced they have the ability to attack and hit with an ICBM, all of the West Coast our sales are going up there."

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