North Korea now possesses a nuclear warhead small enough to fit inside a missile, the Washington Post reported today

The report states that the assessment comes from the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency and represents a key threshold in terms of Pyongyang becoming a nuclear state. 

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Michael R. Auslin, a research fellow at Stanford University's Hoover Institution, said on "Happening Now" that this is the last piece of the puzzle for the hermit regime becoming a nuclear power.

"It's the Holy Grail. It's what they've been working toward," said Auslin, adding there have been signals for several years that North Korea was getting to this point. 

He said different intelligence agencies might quibble about how effective their nuclear-armed missiles could be, but he said Pyongyang has been developing its nuclear program "relentlessly" in recent years.

"We have to accept that we are in a new situation," said Auslin, adding that the idea of de-nuclearization is now a "fantasy."

"North Korea is a nuclear weapons state," he concluded.

On "Fox & Friends" this morning, Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley touted new sanctions against the rogue regime, claiming there has been a "new tone coming from China" on dealing with the problem. 

President Trump struck a hopeful tone earlier today on Twitter following the sanctions vote. 

Watch his full analysis above and read more, here.

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