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Three kids were overjoyed when their military mother walked into their school and surprised them after returning from active duty in Qatar about a month early.

Eight-year-old Eliana's third grade class thought a famous artist was visiting, but instead Eliana's mom, Master Sgt. Bethany Anderson-Burrs, surprised her kids at the Peyton, Colorado school.

Anderson-Burrs' three kids Eliana, Eve, and Kaleb were hard to keep the secret from, their father said.

“It was difficult,” said Robert Burrs. “They ask a lot of questions, like their mom, they’re very inquisitive.”

"I got off the plane and my husband said, 'hey you got somewhere to be,'" the officer said.

As soon as the mom and dad were reunited at the airport, she went over to the school to reunite the whole family.

“Family is the one thing that’s going to get you through it, the one thing that’s going to bring you home, and when you do get home these are the times to make all the difference in the world,” Anderson-Burrs said.

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