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Sean Hannity devoted his opening monologue tonight to the chilling reports that North Korea has advanced its goal of becoming a nuclear power by miniaturizing a nuclear warhead.

"This threat will now become a defining issue for the Trump administration," Hannity said, noting that the North Korean nuclear program grew exponentially due to the failed policies of the Clinton and Obama administrations.

"Evil in our time must be recognized for what it is," Hannity said. "You cannot appease, you cannot capitulate to evil radicals and rogue dictatorships."

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He said that hostile nations like Iran and North Korea don't care about compromising or honoring agreements.

"Breaking promises, taking money is just par for the course when dealing with these kinds of regimes," Hannity said.

He lamented that because of the failed policies of the past, Trump must now face an extremely dangerous situation, one that likely has no good outcomes.

"The president tonight now faces a clear and present danger, not only for the United States, but now the entire world," Hannity said. "The world needs to take a stand tonight. We must confront this evil in our time before it's too late."

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