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One university professor has proposed a "stress reduction policy" so that his business students can avoid emotional reactions in his classroom. 

According to a report from Campus Reform, Dr. Richard Watson set out the policies - including letting students choose their own grades - for two of his fall business courses at University of Georgia.

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"Emotional reactions to stressful situations can have profound consequences," he wrote at the top, also explaining that students can take exams using their books, notes and laptop materials. 

Furthermore, if a student feels "unduly stressed" by a grade, they can email Watson the grade they think is appropriate and it will be changed.

"Only positive comments about presentations will be given in class," he stated.

The professor may still make changes to the policies, Shannon Bream noted this morning. Campus Reform said it reached out to Watson, but received no response.

Watch more above from Sterling Beard of Campus Reform.

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UPDATE: The university issued a statement Tuesday afternoon in response to concerns over the syllabus. 

The dean of the Terry College of Business said the syllabus "did not conform with the university's rigorous expectations" and would not be implemented in his classroom.