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A local upstate New York lawmaker has proposed a "buy American" law in his county in response to what he sees as decades of job-killing trade policies.

Erie County Legislator Ted Morton, a Republican, told "Fox & Friends" that the county - which includes Buffalo - has lost almost 200,000 residents in the past 50 years as manufacturing jobs have left.

"The trade policies of the 70s, 80s and 90s were anything but fair or free for the people of Erie County," Morton said.

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The proposal mirrors the New York Buy American Act, passed by state lawmakers in June requiring American-made iron and steel to be used in road and bridge construction.

His proposal, if adopted by county legislators and approved by voters, would require county purchases of $10,000 or more to go mostly toward American-made products and services.

Morton said waivers would be available in cases where a certain product cannot be obtained in the U.S. He argued that when governments solicit bids, they are supposed to accept the "lowest reasonable" bid.

"'Reasonable' should include, 'is it made in America?' to support the men and women that produce these goods, that pay taxes to allow government to continue," he said.

Morton said he lives in a heavily-Democratic district that supported President Trump because of his promises on trade and jobs.

Watch the interview above.

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