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Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is writing a book for teenagers on how to conduct a political revolution.

"Bernie Sanders Guide to Political Revolution" will be released August 29 and will include infographics on progressive economic issues.

"This book will expose them to an unusual political campaign, the excitement of politics and what being a progressive is all about," Sanders told Teen Vogue.

The former Democratic presidential candidate gave Hillary Clinton a run for her money in 2016. Sanders garnered a huge youth vote bigger than Donald Trump and Clinton's youth vote combined.

Sanders won over 2 million votes from people under 30, while Trump and Clinton managed less than 1.6 million between them.

"The current generation of young people is the smartest, most idealistic, and least prejudiced generation in the modern history of the United States," Sanders wrote in the forward. "This is a generation that is prepared to think big and move this country in a very different direction than we have been traveling for years."

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