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Jason Chaffetz said Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein should not be believed on his promise to prosecute those who leak sensitive government information no matter who they are.

"He comes with absolutely zero credibility on this," the former Utah congressman told host Shannon Bream on Monday.

Rosenstein said the Justice Department would prosecute even White House officials or members of Congress should they be found to be leakers.

"If we identify somebody, no matter what their position is, if they violated the law and that case warrants prosecution, we'll prosecute it," the deputy attorney general said.

Chaffetz disagreed.

The congressman reminded that he was chairman of the House Oversight Committee when then-FBI Director James Comey testified.

Congress' formal request to Comey and the Justice Department about whether Hillary Clinton lied under oath was never answered, Chaffetz said.

"If they want to start, let's start with Hillary Clinton and whether she lied under oath," Chaffetz said.

The FBI cleared Clinton last summer, but reopened an investigation into her private email server shortly before the election. Clinton, however, was never prosecuted.

Holdovers from the Obama administration are under scrutiny as the White House and Justice Department work to pinpoint the sources of leaks.

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