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On "Special Report" tonight, Charles Krauthammer shared his thoughts on President Donald Trump's first 200 days in office.

He said Trump's "major achievement" was the appointment of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, which he said will influence the highest court in the land for generations.

He said that Trump has also been able to accomplish "quite a bit of deregulation," another significant achievement.

Bret Baier listed some of Trump's other successes, including cracking down on illegal immigration and taking the fight to ISIS.

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"These are all achievements. They are undeniable. They're mostly presidential achievements," Krauthammer said.

As for Congress, however, they've been a "complete bust" and a "huge disappointment," he said.

"They've been saying for seven years, 'Give us control. Give us the signature in the White House. We will do great things.' And on the great things, they did nothing," Krauthammer said.

He pointed out that the ObamaCare repeal was an "epic fail," which will be a millstone around Congress' neck for "a very long time."

"Everybody assumed we'd be on tax reform now. We are so far behind on tax reform - and also incidentally on infrastructure - that we might not get a tax reform at all," Krauthammer said. "The best we might get is [a] tax cut, because everybody agrees on tax cuts. And that could blow a hole in the budget."

"So, I think, rocky days ahead."

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