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Dan Bongino reacted to the city of Baltimore's failure to get through even one weekend without anyone in the city getting killed.

"The same type of politics, far-left liberal ideology has run the city since the 1930s," the former Secret Service agent and NYPD officer remarked.

He explained that it has been that long since the city had a Republican city councilman.

Baltimore's vain hope for a "nobody kill anybody" weekend was shattered when two men aged 24 and 37 were fatally shot within hours of each other.

Community leaders like Erricka Bridgeford led the peace movement from the streets, scheduling events like cookouts, poetry readings, prayer vigils, and basketball tournaments.

"It's about helping people realize they have a choice in their decision-making," Bridgeford said. "Not just about committing violence but about feeling hopeless that there's nothing we can do about the level of violence in our communities."

"What's the common denominator in inner cities that are collapsing and are being beaten up by crime and poverty?" Bongino asked. "The common denominator is liberals."

"Republicans may not be the answer ... but far-left liberalism certainly has been the cause of the problems."

"It's a real stain on our country that we can't have an honest conversation about this."

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