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On "Tucker Carlson Tonight," Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz responded to Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) accusing him of being a “racist.”

Waters made the accusation on MSNBC after Dershowitz said that Washington, D.C. is an "unfavorable" locality for a grand jury for the Trump administration because it is "solidly Democratic" and has a "ethnic and racial composition" not favorable to Trump.

Dershowitz explained that every lawyer knows that when you’re selecting a jury, factors like ethnicity, race and political affiliation matter.

"If I had said that race was not a factor in the justice system, she would have called me a racist," Dershowitz said. "She tosses around that term so promiscuously that it dilutes the term. She hurts her own cause, because she's crying wolf."

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Dershowitz: Being Black Doesn't Give You a License to Call People Racist

He echoed remarks he made over the weekend: "Being black does not give you a license to call somebody a racist."

"Just like being Jewish doesn't give you a license to call people anti-Semites unless they actually are racists or anti-Semites," Dershowitz said, adding that he made an "utterly uncontroversial statement."

"There isn't a criminal lawyer, prosecutor or defense attorney who would disagree with the statement that Mueller got an advantage by moving the case to the District of Columbia," Dershowitz said. "He has a better chance of getting a favorable jury pool in the District of Columbia than he would in Virginia. Everybody would agree with that. It's a simple statement of fact."

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