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Nigel Farage said the political classes of both the United States and United Kingdom are frustrating voters of both countries who voted for "fundamental change" in 2016.

Both the Brexit vote and the election of Donald Trump to the White House signaled "people voting for change," the former United Kingdom Independence Party leader told "Fox & Friends" on Sunday.

"And here we are in the middle of the following year, and that change isn't happening," said Farage.

People's "belief in the whole democratic process" is at stake, he warned.

The former British leader said there must be "real genuine anger" against Congress growing among those who voted for President Trump and want to see his legislative agenda pass.

So far Congress has struggled to pass a health care reform bill, which is currently stuck in the Senate. The tax reform fight looms as well over Congress, which is on its August recess.

Farage added that the media's Russia collusion theories actually only increase support for Trump because voters can see it is an attempt to "frame the president."

"People want these things to happen, but it's our political class on both left and right that are stopping it," Farage said.

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