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Former CIA operative Dr. James Mitchell recommended looking at the pattern of sensitive information leaks coming from the White House as part of a strategy to pinpoint leakers.

"Look at where these leaks are coming from," the author of "Enhanced Interrogation" told "Fox & Friends" on Sunday. 

"Are there clusters, are there individual nodes, are there individual people that all these leaks are coming through, are they coming from a particular area?"

"People talk," Mitchell assured. "They brag, they crow, they try to provide justifications for what they're doing."

Mitchell, who has interrogated some of the world's toughest terrorists, added that it would be wise to announce that whoever 'fessed up first would get the best deal from the government for their potential crime.

"There's a continuum as you know between getting excited and blurting something out and deliberately leaking something that you think is going to undermine the president," he stated.

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