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Dr. Sebastian Gorka said new White House Chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly will get to the bottom of who is behind the leaks of classified information plaguing the Trump administration.

The four star Marine Corps general started his address to White House staff by saying "loose lips sink ships," Gorka said. 

"When you get Democratic politicians on the Hill say that that leak is disgraceful, you know we have sunken to a new low," the deputy assistant to the president told "Fox & Friends" Saturday.

"I think you will see things change very rapidly because this is John F. Kelly," Gorka predicted. "This is a man you do not toy with."

The classified designation is not a joke, Gorka said.

"You are endangering the lives of Americans when you release secret or top secret information."

"Just the idea that the president of the United States cannot have a confidential phone call with another head of state is outrageous," Gorka concluded.

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