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Maxine Waters Applauds Anti-Trump Leaks on 'The View'

Author Mark Steyn reminded that when Democrats were in power in Congress under President Obama they did not waste time moving forward with their agenda, something the Republican Congress has struggled to do this year.

"Whatever you feel, [Democrats] get into power and they deliver, boom, right from the first day," Steyn told "Fox & Friends" on Saturday.

Steyn listed some Democrat projects from the Obama era: governmentalized health care, transgenders in the military, gay marriage, open borders, and climate change initiatives.

The party caters to key niche demographics of their base, Steyn said.

Republicans take years longer than Democrats to get the same things done, he continued, reminding that "slick parliamentarians" like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell have been unable to pass any major legislation.

Maxine Waters Applauds Anti-Trump Leaks on 'The View'

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