Maxine Waters Applauds Anti-Trump Leaks on 'The View'

Author Dinesh D'Souza drew a parallel between the anti-Trump Antifa protesters and the brownshirts, an early Nazi army.

"The main difference I think is that the old fascists were proud to call themselves fascists, but the new fascists march under the banner of anti-fascism," D'Souza told "Fox & Friends" Saturday.

The Antifa group, short for "anti-fascist," holds anti-Trump protests across the country where protesters destroy property and injure police. The group has encouraged violence in their protests, saying it is the only way to fight the Trump administration.

Hitler's Brownshirts were known for riots and violence against Jewish people and their property.

"Fascism has been somehow wrongly been portrayed as something on the right, but the right is for individual rights and limited government, and nothing could be more anti-fascist than that," D'Souza said.

The meaning of fascism - "collective state power" - sounds more like what the left stands for, D'Souza concluded.

Maxine Waters Applauds Anti-Trump Leaks on 'The View'