Diamond and Silk: 'People Have a Card and No Care'

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Kellyanne Conway doubled down on President Trump's statement that those fighting his presidency are "cheating" the American people.

"The media, the investigators, the Democratic Party, they're not just denying the election results for Donald Trump. They're denying the American people who put him here," the counselor to the president told "Fox & Friends" on Friday. "And they're trying to cheat them out of their rightful presidency."

The president made the statement at last night's rally in West Virginia, where "coal miners are so happy with this president," Conway said.

At the rally, Democratic Gov. Jim Justice of West Virginia announced he will switch his party affiliation to Republican.

"He is one of many Democrats out there who are so sick and tired of a leftist party that’s gone so far that you don't welcome pro-lifers, pro-Second Amendment, you won’t show more respect for military veterans, national security, American exceptionalism," Conway stated.

Conway also slammed the leaks of sensitive information out of the White House, calling them a "national disgrace."

"I want there to be bipartisan outrage, because we need people to understand this imperils national security," she said.

New White House Chief of Staff John Kelly is cracking down on leakers, she added.

"You’re hurting the country. Democrats are even admitting that now."

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Diamond and Silk: 'People Have a Card and No Care'