Diamond and Silk: 'People Have a Card and No Care'

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said that whoever is leaking classified information from the White House deserves to be locked up.

"That's not fair to the president," Graham told Shannon Bream on "America's Newsroom" on Friday. "You can't run the White House this way."

It will take someone going to jail for the leakers to quit, Graham predicted, adding that he has never seen leaks like the ones that have plagued the Trump administration.

"I've never seen transcripts of presidential phone calls on the front page of the Washington Post," he said.

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Graham added it would be unfair to President Trump to have constant leaks from the grand jury investigating the Trump campaign's alleged connections to Russia.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who heads the investigation, would be responsible for protecting the jury from selective leaks to the press, he said.

The South Carolina senator believes the investigation should be allowed to move forward and has introduced legislation that would protect Mueller from being fired.

"I find no evidence of a crime by President Trump or his team, and I find no reason to fire Mueller," he stated.

"We're a country of process, not outcomes," he concluded. "Nobody is above the law in America."

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Diamond and Silk: 'People Have a Card and No Care'