Judge Jeanine Concerned Russia Probe Is a 'Phishing Expedition'

Newt Gingrich warned that there is corruption in the Justice Department, and he cautioned against blindly trusting the Russia investigation.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has reportedly impaneled a grand jury to investigate allegations that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia.

Now, however, Mueller is "changing the targets," Gingrich argued on "Fox & Friends" this morning.

"The articles [on the grand jury] this morning say, 'Gee, it looks like Russian collusion is going to be hard to prove.' Maybe because it didn't happen," the former Speaker of the House said.

If Mueller and his team of lawyers fail to find any evidence of collusion, they will look for crimes in finances and procedure, he added.

Mueller's investigative team is "virtually all headhunters" who are playing a "game," Gingrich remarked.

"When the government comes after you, no matter who you are - including the president - you have to be worried about the sheer power of the lawyers coming after you," Gingrich said.

"They see Donald Trump as their mortal enemy," he summed up.

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