Diamond and Silk: 'People Have a Card and No Care'

The United States economy produced 209,000 jobs in July, blowing past the 183,000 predicted by Wall Street experts, new data shows.

The unemployment rate fell to 4.3 percent from 4.4 percent.

President Trump encouraged those who have given up looking for a job altogether to start trying again to join the labor force.

The Dow Jones industrial average hit the record number 22,000 Wednesday, and stocks ticked up again after this morning's release of the jobs report.

The president promised this morning that he will continue to roll back "stifling regulations" that hurt jobs.

The stock market's rise can be attributed partly to the expectation that Congress will pass tax cuts soon, economic analyst Maria Bartiromo commented earlier this week.

The continued rise, however, is also due to businesses simply doing better, she said.

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