Bolling: 'Bottom Line: Trump Has Fixed Most of the Obama Failures'

Video blog personalities Diamond and Silk expressed their "irritation" with Congress' failure to repeal and replace Obamacare.

"People are hurting," Diamond said. "People have a card and no care."

The North Carolina sisters, who made a name for themselves during campaign season by their enthusiastic support of then-candidate Trump, told "Fox & Friends" they wondered if Congress was getting "kickbacks" for not fixing health care.

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"Somebody may be getting a kickback paddy-wack give-a-dog-a-bone," Diamond suggested.

"They're working for their own greed," she continued, adding that it is "sad" that some Republicans won't work with the president.

On "Hannity" the sisters said Obamacare was "built on a lie."

"To all of these politicians that voted no to repeal and replace: maybe it's time for the American people to repeal and replace you," Diamond added.

Silk said she still thinks President Trump is "doing a phenomenal job" in the face of Congress' stalemate on health care.

The video duo's recent "Hannity" commentary slammed "media bias, political babble, and repetitive political tactics that they feel the average American is tired of being subjected to."

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