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National Coast Guard Day is held every August 4 to commemorate the founding of the United States Coast Guard on August 4, 1790, by then-Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton.

One of America's five armed forces, the Coast Guard is dedicated to the safety of life at sea and the enforcement of U.S. maritime laws.

Celebrate our nation's Coast Guard by reliving three of their epic rescues from 2017, and show your support on social media using #NationalCoastGuardDay.

Coast Guard Rescues Brothers Clinging to Light After Boat Sinks During Tropical Storm Emily

Two brothers were saved by the Coast Guard after their boat sank in the Tampa Bay in the midst of Tropical Storm Emily on Monday.

The Coast Guard said in a news release that 911 dispatchers got a call just before 10 a.m. about two men in the water clinging to a navigation light in the Tampa Bay shipping channel.

The brothers, identified by the Coast Guard as Tung Le, 47, and Thanh Le, 41, said they were fishing aboard their 17-foot boat in the bay when their engine died and the boat began taking on water.

The Coast Guard was able to get to the scene within 30 minutes of receiving the 911 call, and rescued the brothers.

Coast Guard Rescues 4 Adults, 1 Child From Capsized Boat Off North Carolina

The Coast Guard rescued five people June 28 after their boat capsized three miles off the North Carolina coast.

Officials received a 911 call around 8 p.m. saying a 22-foot boat with four adults and a 4-year-old child capsized near the Masonboro Inlet, located south of Wrightsville Beach.

All five people were wearing life jackets and clinging to the boat, the Coast Guard said in a news release.

A response boat arrived on the scene around 8:20 p.m. and rescued all five people from the water. No injuries were reported, according to the Coast Guard.

Land Ho? Coast Guard Rescues Truck Driver From High Seas

A sightseer got caught in high seas off the coast of northern California on the morning of January 26 and had to be rescued by the U.S. Coast Guard…from his truck.

The unidentified man had driven his Nissan pickup onto a jetty guarding the entrance to Humboldt Bay, just outside the city of Eureka. The area was under a National Weather Service advisory due to a swell that was creating surf heights of up to 27 feet.

Local photographer Tyler Whiteside captured the incident on video, which shows waves crashing over the jetty and swamping the truck as the driver continues further out into the ocean.

A ditch in the road finally proves to be impassable, but before the driver can make his way back to land, the waves begin slamming the truck against the wall running along the side of the path.

Fortunately for him, it all went down just a half-mile from the local Coast Guard station, which received an emergency call about the potential tragedy unfolding and sent a boat and helicopter to the rescue. The man was then airlifted off of the jetty and escaped without injury, according to the Coast Guard.

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