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The mainstream media often points President Donald Trump's poll numbers as a sign that his presidency has been unsuccessful.

On "The Fox News Specialists," Bernard McGuirk said that couldn't be further from the truth.

"If you believe CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, and Washington Post, etc., we have a country in crisis, the president is beleaguered," McGuirk said.

He argued that Trump did not look at all beleaguered at a massive rally in West Virginia on Thursday.

He noted that Trump rattled off a list of his administration's accomplishments at the rally, including getting Judge Neil Gorsuch appointed to the Supreme Court, creating more than one million jobs in six months, pulling out of the TPP, supporting law enforcement and cracking down on illegal immigration, to name a few.

"He's winning, folks!" McGuirk said.

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Eric Bolling pointed to the extraordinary enthusiasm Trump generates among his supporters, particularly from this gentleman at the West Virginia rally:

"You've heard me say it over and over again: Listen to the people, not the polls," Bolling said. "The people love this president."

He said that liberals and the mainstream media dismiss that enthusiasm as Trump merely playing to his base.

"But it's Trump's base - the deplorables, not the typical GOP voters - that fuel Trump's presidency," Bolling said. "And honestly, I think it's refreshing to have a president who's not in bed with his party."

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