Republican senators David Perdue (Ga.) and Tom Cotton (Ark.) introduced Wednesday a proposal for a merit-based legal immigration system that was instantly derided by liberals. 

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) quickly bashed the RAISE Act: 

From the start, President Trump has pushed a hateful, senseless anti-immigrant agenda that instills fear in our communities, weakens our nation, and dishonors our values. Whether unleashing a deportation force to tear apart families, or threatening the protections of DACA, or backing the tired cruelty of this bill, the Trump Administration continues to choose discrimination over smart policies that strengthen and enrich our nation.

Perdue responded to the criticism on "Fox & Friends" today, emphasizing that currently only one in 15 legal immigrants have skills and enter the workforce. 

"The result is over half of immigrant households are in our social welfare system," he said. 

"Any time a liberal politician starts fear-mongering, you know you're onto something good," said Perdue, arguing that the reform is based on what Canada has enacted successfully.

Perdue said Pelosi and other liberal Democrats have held up Canada as a "beacon of light" on the issue. 

He said he is hopeful the bill will proceed through the Judiciary Committee and go to a vote and that a similar bill will be introduced in the House.

Watch the interview above.