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An Asian American legal group is supporting the Department of Justice's reported plans to investigate and potentially sue universities that intentionally discriminate against certain applicants based on race.

The department will reportedly look into specific allegations that Harvard University discriminated against Asian American applicants.

Lee Cheng, with the Asian American Legal Foundation, said every member of his organization would be very happy to see a long overdue dedication to true civil rights by the Justice Department.

"It's an absolute shame and travesty that previous administrations and individuals within the civil rights group of the DOJ saw fit to ignore well-documented complaints of individual and systemic discrimination against Asian Americans at Ivy League universities and other colleges," Cheng said.

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He said that universities know that the actual admissions records will reveal the extent and scope of this "shameful and blatantly illegal" discrimination against individuals of Asian descent.

He said that universities have covered up and whitewashed these complaints over the years because they are ideologically driven by equality of outcome instead of equality of opportunity.

"This is something that our organization has been waiting for for literally decades," Cheng said. "And we're grateful to see that someone in DOJ in the administration is finally going to take some action."

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