The inspiration of the Travis Manion Foundation are the words uttered by its namesake before his final deployment to Iraq. 

"If not me, then who?" the Marine first lieutenant asked before he departed the United States for the final time.

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Manion was killed in 2007 as he helped his wounded comrades in a firefight in al-Anbar province.

His best friend and Naval Academy roommate, Navy SEAL Brendan Looney, was killed in Afghanistan in a helicopter crash three years later. The two are buried next to each other at Arlington National Cemetery. 

On "Fox & Friends" this morning, Looney's wife, Amy, unveiled a new public service announcement from the Travis Manion Foundation called "Character Revealed."

Looney, the foundation's VP, said the new campaign is about connecting the 99 percent of the country who didn't serve with those who did and the families of the fallen. 

She said the foundation seeks to identify the character of service members and their families to inspire others in their own lives. 

"It sets the example for those that might never choose to serve or haven't served. It identifies the attributes and the contributions that our service members, their families and our survivors are bringing to the table. They lead through strength, resiliency, courage," she explained.

Watch the interview above and learn more about the Travis Manion Foundation.

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