Tucker Carlson took on MSNBC host Joy Reid for arguing that the Democratic Party should stop trying to figure out how to sway Trump voters back to their side.

In a weekend podcast, Reid was discussing how Democrats can win back the House and start to turn the tide against Republicans. 

Reid said minority voters are the key voting bloc to focus on, not white voters who supported Barack Obama but then turned to Trump last year.

She said:

Democrats have all these things that they want to do all the same time. They pine for the Trump voter who they think they can somehow talk into not voting for Donald Trump. And they feel, you know, what did we do to you? How did we hurt you? If we can find some way to appease, will you come back to us please? I do know that if you needed 77,500 people, it's a lot easier to get 50,000 black people in Philadelphia, Detroit and Milwaukee than it is to figure out what it is in the minds of those Obama to Trump voters.

Carlson responded by saying Reid's view is based on "political expediency." He said white voters who were frustrated economically voted for Obama, but were then disappointed with the results over eight years.

"The Obama administration often seemed indifferent to their decline, sometimes even happy about it. So, still hurting, they turned to Trump. Reid's view is, in effect, 'Oh well, the jig is up, we don't need their support anyway," he noted.

He said Reid's view is "zero-sum" and assumes that white and minority voters don't share the same interests.

"Her view is that in America, you can't help minority voters and white voters at the same time, their interests are opposed to one another. America isn't one nation, it's simply different racial groups struggling for supremacy. A lot of people on the left believe that. Let's hope for the sake of this country the Democratic Party ignores that advice," said Carlson.

Yesterday on "Outnumbered," former Obama administration official Marie Harf said Democrats should not listen to Michael Moore, who urged Democrats to move leftward. 

Harf said Dems must figure out how to appeal to both liberals and moderates in places like her home state of Ohio and become a "big tent" party.

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