Guy Benson said anti-Trump protesters proved their critics' point this past weekend when they interrupted a panel discussion on free speech. 

Benson, author of the new book "End of Discussion," explained on "Fox & Friends" what happened at Politicon, where he and Ann Coulter were speaking about the attempts to curb conservative voices on college campuses.

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A few protesters wore Nazi garb as they tried to shout down the speakers, while another group interrupted with a large red banner and chanted "Trump and Pence must go!"

"It was like: you're proving our point," said Benson about the panel discussion, which was about denouncing censorship in favor of the free flow of ideas.

Benson said he reminded the protesters that there is an election in 2020, where they're free to make their choice for president and vice president. He said their actions "were not constructive at all" as the hecklers yelled at Coulter rather than listen to her statements and offer opposing arguments.

Despite the incidents, Benson urged young conservatives to still go to college campuses so that students are exposed to differing viewpoints.

Benson recalled that he spoke with his co-author at Princeton last year and the school needed extra security because some students found them too controversial. 

"What's alarming is some on the hard left have conflated speech with violence. They say your hate speech is violence and we can shut you down using any means necessary. It's very Orwellian," said Benson.

Last week, Ben Shapiro spoke before a House hearing on attempts to silence conservatives on campuses.

Watch the interview above.

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