Hunting MS-13: Tucker Visits El Salvador, Talks to Assassin, Visits Prison

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Tucker Carlson interviewed a former MS-13 "trigger-man" in El Salvador, who detailed his history of murders and other gang activities.

Carlson called the man the "most compelling person" he met on his trip. The man, who defected from the gang, said he committed his first murder at 15.

He said he killed a shopkeeper who was a police informant by stabbing him several times.

"I even killed members of my own gang... and I killed relatives too," he said.

The man said his gang engaged in beheadings, extortion and drug dealing. He said he didn't make much money while part of the gang.

"You killed because you were loyal?" Carlson asked.

The man later said he spoke to Carlson because he wanted to help his community and his country. He called being part of MS-13 the "saddest thing you can find."

Carlson also asked about how MS-13 members enter the United States. The man said he never traveled to the U.S., but knows many others who did easily. 

"Its easy [to get in]. ... They have their passes, they have their people," he told Carlson. 

Watch the clip above and don't miss the rest of "Hunting MS-13" on Tucker Carlson Tonight at 8:00pm ET. On Wednesday, you'll see Tucker's visit to a prison housing suspected MS-13 gang members.

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