'Let's Just Stick to the Facts Here': Tucker vs. Democrat on Illegal Immigrant Deported 20 Times

The Dow rose over 60 points on Monday, finishing at the record number of 21,891.12.

President Trump tweeted the good news Tuesday morning, saying stock could hit a new record of 22,000 today.

"Things are definitely getting better," host Maria Bartiromo stated. "I think there's no question that this stock market rally initially was totally because of the anticipation of President Trump."

The market's continued rise, however, is also due to businesses simply doing better, she said.

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Bartiromo remarked that earnings numbers may be manipulated by cutting costs, but revenue numbers cannot be.

"Revenue is just what the company is generating, and revenue is expected to be up 6 percent in this second quarter."

If Congress fails to pass tax reform this year though, that could be a problem for the stock market, the Fox Business host warned.

"If the tax reform doesn't happen there will be grave disappointment on Wall Street," host Stuart Varney agreed, but added that corporations are still making "more money than ever before."

Many in the media want to focus on the "swamp" in Washington, D.C. rather than the good news about the economy, he said.

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