CT Residents Get Hate Mail for Flying American Flags

Sarah Huckabee Sanders sounded off passionately on Tuesday against the Russia collusion theories pushed by some in the media.

"You guys want to create a narrative that just doesn't exist," said the newly appointed press secretary, adding that they "seem obsessed."

"Everybody wants to make try to make this some story about misleading," she shot back to a question about Donald Trump Jr.'s meeting with a Russian lawyer.

On Monday night, the Washington Post reported that President Trump dictated a misleading statement about his son's meeting.

"The only thing I see misleading is a year's worth of stories that have been fueling a false narrative about this Russia collusion and a phony scandal based on anonymous sources," Huckabee Sanders said.

"The Democrats actually colluded with a foreign government like Ukraine," Sanders said, referring to Democratic operatives who reached out to Ukraine in an effort to tie Trump and former campaign manager Paul Manafort to Russia.

The president wants more fracking and a stronger military, neither of which is good for Russia, she pointed out.

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"If you want to talk about somebody who's actually been tough on Russia, look at President Trump," she said.

"If you guys want to talk further about a relationship with Russia, look no further than the Clintons."

She mentioned a Russia-funded Bill Clinton speech in Moscow, as well as a uranium deal with Russia that occurred while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state. 

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