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Greg Gutfeld discussed the case of a 20-time deportee who is now accused of assaulting at least one person in Oregon.

Illegal immigrant Sergio Martinez was arrested on several charges in Portland - which is a sanctuary city.

"Do you ever wonder how the victims feel about that label: Sanctuary city?" Gutfeld asked.

"Who is the 'sanctuary' for?" he asked. "Give something a cozy title, you can get away with anything."

Gutfeld said the term sanctuary city sounds like a good thing, but like many other terms is a misnomer like "road apples" - horse droppings.

He said the policies put forth by the "sanctuary city" of Portland allowed Martinez the "space" to allegedly commit the assault.

"That's what I would call 'sanctuary rape'," he said. "Portland didn't do the rapes, it just gave the rapist the space to rape."

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