Former Obama administration official Marie Harf said on "Outnumbered" that her party should not be listening to advice offered by outspoken liberal filmmaker Michael Moore.

Moore said on MSNBC that the Democratic Party loses when their candidates try to "sound like Republicans" and move to the middle. 

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"The American public is liberal on the issues. ... When they actually run as Democrats and run on the liberal issues, they win," said Moore, adding that Democrats feel they need to win over people who voted for Trump. 

Moore cited the 8 million voters who supported Barack Obama and then voted for Trump. 

Harf pushed back after Dagen McDowell called Moore, who's now starring in an anti-Trump Broadway show, the new face of the Democrats. 

"He is not the poster boy for the party," said Harf, a Democratic strategist who served as State Department spokesperson.

She said the party is going through "growing pains" and needs to figure out how to appeal to both liberals and moderates in places like her home state of Ohio.

Harf said she chose to join Fox News Channel in order to "talk to voters across the spectrum," including non-voters. 

"The Democratic Party will win again if we move from the left. We are a big tent party and [we should] not listen to Michael Moore, ever," said Harf.

Melissa Francis said Democrats must address why they're viewed by voters as "the party of the one percent" and are losing working-class voters to Republicans. 

She said the faces of the party are coastal liberals like Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi, Hollywood and Silicon Valley. 

Watch the discussion above.

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