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Tucker Carlson offered the first installment of his week-long series, "Hunting MS-13," on Monday.

Carlson visited El Salvador last week at the same time as Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

He said that, despite being next to booming Costa Rica, El Salvador is rife with crime and has a murder rate higher than Iraq.

Tucker was given a closer look into one of the deadliest gangs in the world and how it became such a threat to our homeland.

A law enforcement official told him that at least six policemen had been killed within the previous 10 days and that businessmen must travel in armored vehicles to avoid the same fate.

Carlson gave a sneak peek of his interview, airing Tuesday night, with an admitted MS-13 assassin who bragged about killing several people.

He also talked to Sessions about the way the gang connects its activities in N.Y., Houston and Los Angeles with its home base in San Salvador.

You'll hear more from Sessions this week on "Hunting MS-13" and also go inside a prison, where the gang recruits members.

Watch more above and don't miss Carlson's in-depth look all week on "Tucker Carlson Tonight" at 8 PM ET.

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