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Tucker Carlson debated former DNC Deputy Press Secretary Jose Aristimuno on the merits of illegal immigration, after a woman was allegedly assaulted by a "meth head" who was previously deported 20 times.

"This is the exact reason you don't want sanctuary cities in the first place," Carlson said.

Aristimuno said the incident was "horrible" and that suspect Sergio Martinez is "an outlier" when it comes to illegal aliens.

"We actually have facts on this," Carlson responded, after Aristimuno doubted a comprehensive university study the host referenced.

Carlson said the study showed that there is no statistical difference between non-sanctuary cities and many sanctuary cities, but that the violent crime rate is much higher in the latter.

Aristimuno disagreed, saying that he wanted immigration reform but reiterated that sanctuary cities are not a problem.

"Let's just stick to the facts here," Carlson said.

Regarding Martinez, who he called a "homeless meth head," Carlson again asked Aristimuno how many times a person should be deported before authorities take action.

"Three, eight, twenty?" he asked.

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