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Tucker Carlson debated a Northeastern University professor who wrote an op-ed asking "When is speech violence?"

Carlson said Lisa Feldman Barrett advocated banning speeches by Milo Yiannopoulos and other subjectively incendiary individuals.

"If certain speech is tantamount to violence... who decides under your plan what speech is allowed and which is banned?" Carlson asked.

Barrett said she did not argue for censorship, but that organizations should be more judicious in who they choose to invite.

"Debate is a lifeblood of democracy... but hateful speech closes the mind," she said.

Carlson asked how she defined "hateful" speech, and Barrett responded that it included what speech the "reasonable person" would find hateful.

"Hateful speech is problematic," she said.

"Obviously this is a pretext for censorship," Carlson said, asking again who specifically should decide what speech is violent or hateful.

"You can't answer the question," he said.

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