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"Fox & Friends" caught up this morning with 12-year-old Millie March, who went viral this year for her spirited support of President Trump at CPAC. 

In the viral clip, Millie told a reporter what drew her to Trump when he was running for office. 

"He talked about all the issues we were facing, all the problems. [I thought] OK, that's normal. Every politician does that. Then something extraordinary happened. He said how to fix them," she explained, sounding wise beyond her years.

"Without Trump, I wouldn't be here," said Millie, who later met President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.

"He is doing the best job as president you could ever do," Millie said of the Oval Office resident.

Millie's parents are involved in Virginia politics, but her father said it's Millie who reads the books and decides for herself what she believes.

She said she believes President Trump has done more during his first six months in office than Barack Obama did in eight years.

Millie, who ran for school president and won, was then asked if she has politics in her future.

"If the country needs me, I will run. I don't care about being the first female president," she answered. 

Millie showed up to the interview decked out in a Trump t-shirt, leggings, a backpack and Trump-themed gold shoes. 

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