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Steve Cortes said that sanctuary city mayors are the true racists for not protecting legal immigrants from the criminal illegals who harm them.

The Trump Hispanic Advisory Council member compared the mayors and governors flouting President Trump's push to crack down on illegal immigration to Civil Rights Movement-era governors.

"I might make some liberals' heads pop off when I say this comparison, but it's true," Cortes said. "They remind me a lot of people like George Wallace, of the southern governors in the 1960s who refused to comply with federal laws that they didn't like during the civil rights era."

Alabama governor George Wallace attempted to preserve "segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever," he said in his 1963 inaugural speech.

"Most of the time the victims of illegal immigrants are legal immigrants because those tend to be the neighborhoods in which these people reside," Cortes stated, adding that he is the son of an immigrant himself.

"It's quite racist to not protect American citizens."

However, Cortes said he is heartened by the Trump administration's progress clamping down on illegal border crossings.

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