'Spare Me the Dumb Rhetoric': Tucker Battles Man Who Said Trump More Dangerous Than MS-13

Lawrence Jones said the political correctness movement on college campuses has spread to elementary schools where the kids are too young to know what to do.

Columbia University's teachers' college held a conference on "whiteness" and "deconstructing racial microaggressions" in schools for K-12 teachers and principals.

"Can we just let the kids be kids?" Jones told "Fox & Friends" on Sunday. "Can we just allow them to communicate? I think they're creating a problem with kids that are innocent and they interact differently than the older generation."

Jones explained that he believes racism is limited to a small group of people.

"Those people are just going to have to die off."

He added that he doesn't believe in white privilege because it teaches a generation that they are inferior to white people because the latter have it easier.

Jones said that the younger generation has unity, even in settings like a Black Lives Matter march, which includes a lot of white marchers.

"Leave this race-baiting to the adults. Allow the kids to be kids," Jones said.

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