9-Year-Old Gets Answer to His Letter to Trump

Kellyanne Conway slammed the Russian dossier claiming to have damaging information on President Trump.

"'Dossier' is just a fancy French word of 'la load du junk,'" Conway quipped to "Fox & Friends" Saturday.

FusionGPS, the firm that released the discredited document during campaign season is suspected of having ties to Russia.

Conway noted that although Democrats have accused President Trump for months of colluding with Russia to affect the 2016 election, FusionGPS's smear campaign against Trump could theoretically point to Democrats.

"The Russian percussion has amped down a little bit this week," Conway began. "It's not just because we have a new chief of staff or it was American heroes week or the health care reform vote. It's because the winds are really shifting here, aren't they? We actually may be talking more about Russia in the context of how it hurts Democratic interests."

9-Year-Old Gets Answer to His Letter to Trump

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