Writer Ducks Tucker After Saying Gay Trump Supporters Should Be Shunned

That's 'Dumb Propaganda': Tucker Battles NY Dem on Transgender Military Ban

Tucker Carlson had some exciting and at times, fiery exchanges on "Tucker Carlson Tonight" this week.

He battled Rhode Island Democrat David Cicilline on the merits of illegal immigration.

Cicilline said there are some of those immigrants who came to the U.S. for the same reasons his own grandparents did.

Tucker later called his platform faith-based economics: "You're not being real."

He also took on Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D-N.Y.) in a fiery debate over President Trump's announcement of a transgender ban in the military.

And, author Michael Musto was on the receiving end of a pointed response after he "ducked" Tucker's program.

Musto claimed that gay Trump supporters should be shunned.

"It's hard to imagine us twisting your words, Michael Musto, into something dumber than what you actually said," Tucker said in a monologue.

Watch more from the week above and see more from Tucker Carlson HERE.

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