Trump: MS-13 'Transformed Peaceful Parks into Killing Fields'

'He Never Laid Out Principles': GOP Rep Says Trump Shares Blame for Repeal Failure

After President Trump tweeted that Homeland Security Secretary Gen. John Kelly will become the new White House chief of staff, Pete Hegseth reacted on "The Fox News Specialists."

Hegseth called Kelly a "perfect pick" to replace Reince Priebus.

"This seems to be the end of anyone in the inner circle of President Trump from the GOP establishment," Eboni Williams said.

"He wants to get things done... he's sick of the leaks," Hegseth said.

"If you can't close ranks within the White House, you can't beat the swamp," he said, calling Kelly a Trump loyalist.

"If anyone can knock skulls... it's a general," he said.

Longtime DHS official Elaine Duke will replace Kelly in an interim capacity.

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