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Sheriff Vincent DeMarco said Long Island police have been able to make greater strides in gang eradication under the Trump administration.

"For the past eight years cops were made to feel like they were the problem, and they're really the solution," the Suffolk County sheriff told "Fox &Friends" Friday.

Long Island has been plagued by the mostly teenage gang MS-13, whose members "exploit" the unaccompanied minor program to enter the U.S., DeMarco said.

Recently 17 people were arrested in connection with MS-13, including last week the culprits behind four murders committed in April.

The FBI's Long Island task force, which included the Suffolk police, caught the criminals in just a few months, which is unusual, DeMarco pointed out.

"It's only been a couple of months, and usually a case like that would take much longer to solve, but it just shows you the resolve and the priority that it is for the Department of Justice," the sheriff said.

DeMarco praised President Trump for placing a priority on eradicating the menace to so many communities.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions visited El Salvador earlier this week to assess the situation in the gang members' country of origin. He will meet with El Salvadorian authorities and former MS-13 members.

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