'We've Got to Enforce the Law': ICE Director Lays Out Hard Line on Illegal Immigration

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Eboni Williams laid out her case against illegal immigration in "Eboni's Docket" on "The Fox News Specialists."

Williams said that few issues are as controversial as illegal immigration, but that action must be taken now.

"I submit to you that Donald J. Trump rose to the presidency on [the issue's] intensity," she said.

Williams said the latest tragedy involving the deaths of ten illegals in the back of a sweltering big rig in Texas illustrates why the practice of illegal border crossings must be dealt with.

She said that the government can no longer "kick the can down the road on real policy solutions around immigration reform."

"The intention of sanctuary cities is to protect [the immigrants]," she said, but noted they "actually further endanger the immigrant community itself."

"Nobody appreciates and encourages the richness and beauty of cultural diversity more than me. But I am not here for sanctuary cities as a means to that end," she said.

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