Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said on "America's Newsroom" he'll seek legislation that would prevent President Trump from firing special counsel Robert Mueller. 

"I'm going to create a statute that would say any time a special counsel is impaneled to investigate the president or their team, a dismissal has to be reviewed by the courts," said Graham, adding this system was used in the 1990s as a check and balance.

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Graham said it's a "basic concept" that he believes would be supported by Democrats and Republicans and would apply to any future president in a similar situation. 

He said if Mueller has a conflict of interest, then Congress will investigate the matter. 

"The idea that Mueller would be dismissed while investigating the president and his team is unacceptable unless there is cause," said Graham, adding it's "inappropriate" for Trump to draw any "red line" on what Mueller's team can investigate. 

Graham said Mueller cannot be fired by the president or any new attorney general, but he added he will ask Mueller to also look into potential collusion with Ukraine by the Democrats and the actions of Fusion GPS

He also reiterated his strong objection to Trump's criticism of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, explaining that the former Alabama senator had no choice but to recuse himself because he was a member of the Trump campaign. 

Graham said he does not think Sessions will resign, urging Trump to stop "humiliating" the attorney general. 

Watch the interview above.

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