'We've Got to Enforce the Law': ICE Director Lays Out Hard Line on Illegal Immigration

'Degradation of the Presidency': Krauthammer Blasts Scaramucci's Foul Language

Former DNC staffer Pablo Manriquez said President Trump's illegal immigration crackdown is a "big government takeover" of local police responsibilities.

Manriquez, of K Street Media, said local police know their neighborhoods best, and that it is not constructive for ICE and federal authorities to instruct them how to do their work.

Laura Ingraham said that Manriquez' claim doesn't explain why California is trying to become a sanctuary state.

She said Gov. Jerry Brown (D) and others feel they have a "moral duty" to oppose "lawful implementation of our illegal immigration policy.

Manriquez maintained that a federal crackdown nonetheless shows "no regard for the sanctity of local law enforcement."

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