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In an interview with National Public Radio, DNC Deputy Chair Keith Ellison said President Trump's style of Twitter usage draws parallels to King George III.

Ellison, a Minnesota congressman, said he likes the fact Trump uses Twitter as something that "fosters communication from our government."

But, he said the method in which he uses the social media platform is troubling.

"It can be used in a very bad way... [to] circumvent the whole system, intimidate people, pack the courts, [and] intimidate the press," Ellison said in audio obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

In that way, he said Trump seems to use Twitter "all so that he can run everything himself."

"We fought a war of independence against somebody - King George - who was trying to do that," he said of the British monarch who oversaw the Revolution.

"I think it is damaging to representative democracy," Ellison said.

Jesse Watters remarked on The Five that if Trump were an authoritarian like George, he would have repealed ObamaCare by now.

"It sounds like [Trump] just wants to be the king," Juan Williams added.

Watch The Five discuss Ellison's interview above, and the congressman's statement below.

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