A homeless Florida man was viciously attacked by an alligator as he bathed in a retention pond. 

The attack, which left the man with serious injuries, prompted some discussion on "Fox & Friends" on what to do if you're ever attacked by an alligator. 

Ed Henry noted the recent story of a young girl who stopped a gator by sticking her fingers in its nose, prompting the large reptile to open its jaws. 

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Tim Williams of Gatorland in Orlando brought his 40 years of experience to the show today, confirming that alligators will usually open their mouths if you hit their nose. 

He said during his shows, the handlers will tap them on the nose and the gators will open their jaws. 

"She had a lot more composure than I would have had," he joked. 

Ainsley Earhardt asked whether it's true that you should run in zigzags because gators can only run straight ahead, as her dad used to say while she was growing up in South Carolina. 

Williams and many viewers said that's a long-held myth. 

"If an alligator comes after you, run," said Williams, adding that if one ever gets a hold of you, "fight like crazy."

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