Tucker Carlson called out a writer who advised his readers to shun their gay Republican friends, but then refused to explain the piece on the show. 

In a column titled "What To Do When Your Friend's a Gay Republican," Michael Musto wrote in Out magazine: "Similarly, if a real-life friend -- someone who knows my plight, my accomplishments, and my oppressions -- decides to trumpet in my face the alleged glories of the Republican party, I simply have to show them the hand and the door. Friendship over."

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He continued:

Everything in a friendship that might have seemed good suddenly goes sour when I learn that they advocate Trump and his hideousness, which involves attempting to diminish rights for women, LGBTQs, Muslims, immigrants, the arts, and the non-rich, not to mention all those treasonous-sounding doings with Russia.

Musto was invited on to speak with Carlson about the piece, but he instead took to Twitter, declaring that his words would be "twisted" if he appeared for a debate.

Carlson, calling Twitter "every coward's favorite refuge," said Musto's piece shows liberals' intolerance toward opposing viewpoints.

"It's hard to imagine us twisting your words, Michael Musto, into something dumber than what you actually said. Despite the insult, our offer remains open," said Carlson, adding it's "mindless" to write someone off because they don't agree with your politics. 

Watch the segment above.

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