Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) continued his defense of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, blasting President Trump for trying to get the former Alabama senator to quit.

The president lashed out at Sessions again this morning, also calling out the acting FBI director and his wife. 

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Graham said President Trump is acting out of "weakness" by tweeting criticism of Sessions and trying to humiliate him.

"The weakness is if the president is trying to not use his power. He's trying to get Sessions to quit and I hope Sessions doesn't quit. If the president wants to fire him, [then] fire him," said Graham. 

Karl Rove reacted on "Happening Now," telling Jon Scott that the Trump White House would face another long stint of controversy if Sessions is fired or forced out. 

"The president has been complaining that he isn't getting attention to the good things he's done in the first six months in office. Well, you could kiss the next six months of good press goodbye if he forces out Jeff Sessions," said Rove, adding that he hopes Anthony Scaramucci can convince Trump of the "PR disaster" that would ensue.

He said Sessions' recusal from the Russia investigation was standard under federal law because he participated in the Trump campaign.  

Watch the segment above.

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